A Taste of Malaysia

In regards to race, Singapore is 70% Chinese, 15% Malay, 8% Indian, and and 7% other. This weekend I wanted to learn more about Malaysian culture since I have spent most of my time in Singapore learning about Chinese culture. This is thanks to my Chinese coworkers and my office being near Chinatown. Also, I have met many Chinese and Indian people in the United States, but have not yet taken the time to get to know any Malaysians or learn about their culture.

To begin, I spent my Friday night at the Malaysian Heritage Festival with Elly and Anna. We headed to the Kampong Glam area and saw the Sultan Mosque, viewed several perfume shops, saw the Malay Heritage Center, and tried Malaysian cuisine. Kampong Glam, a multi-ethnic community, comprises of mostly Malay and a some Arab communities.

The Sultan Mosque

The Malaysian dishes were phenomenal and unlike anything I had ever had before.
I tried:
1. Roti Canali-  In Malaysia, this fried flat bread made from ghee is called roti canai but in Singapore, it is commonly known as roti prata. It is usually served with curry.

2. Mee Goreng-  I will happily eat almost any dish with the word, “Mee” in it (my last name)… This dish is made of fried noodles with a mixture of sweet soy sauce, sriracha chili, sesame oil, and a few other spices. It is fantastic!


After all of the activities, the three of us headed for the festival to watch incredible traditional performances by Malaysian dancers and singers. The cultural experience and performers were so enjoyable that we quickly made plans to visit Johor Bahru, Malaysia the next day. See my next blog post for my experience of Johor Bahru. Below are some of the shots taken of the talented performers.





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