Music Video Shoot (Part 3)

Two months after shooting the video, the final video was ready to be released at the giant #LightUpNCF party. The party was meant to promote Martell’s new product and also feature Shigga Shay and his new song.

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I was stunned by the size and energy of the rave. Hundreds of mostly young Singaporeans gathered to dance and party and all alcohol was FREE. Giant flashing lights were everywhere, two DJs performed in the background, a life size ball pit was by the entrance, and there was a huge stage in the center of it all. Since I was an extra, I had the chance to go the the party as a VIP. This meant I could cut the gigantic line, cut the lines for drinks, and go to a “special section” where Shigga Shay would meet his fans.


Photo Credit:

After an hour of dancing and socializing, Shigga Shay came out on stage and performed some of his music. He skipped singing his new song and instead blasted it with the video playing on giant screens in the background. Seeing the final video for the first time was a shock. In comparison to the shoot, it looked so smooth, professional, and downright cool. It was significantly less chaotic than I expected.

One surprise to me was the huge amount of footage cut! Several scenes that took hours to film were completely cut out. Also, some of the hired actors and actresses that seemed important never even made an appearance in the final video. The shoot lasted 12 hours and the video was only 3 minutes.

To my relief, this meant most of my terrible dancing scenes were cut or I was cropped out.

If you want to play “eye spy”, go watch the final video and see if you can spot me!



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